Dr. Tom Wallace


I have been enlightened, my faith has been strengthened, and I was greatly blessed by Bill MacGregor’s new book “The Tuning Fork.” The comparing of the “Little Bible,” the sixty-six chapters of the book of Isaiah to the sixty-six books of the KJV Bible is fascinating to me. When comparing the verses of each chapter of Isaiah to the parallel book of the Bible, Bro. MacGregor points out that this amazing truth can only been seen when using the King James Bible. Sour notes are sounded when any other version is used. The author has given us two hundred and seventy pages of comparisons that proves this point. The beautiful introduction of a tuning fork being used to keep all the instruments of the orchestra in harmony flows through the pages of the book to show the necessity of using the right version of the Bible to get the true message that God has given to us. The message of preservation is greatly strengthened by this study. Serious Bible students will be greatly blessed by a study of this book.

Dr. Wallace has pastored three great Independent Baptist Churches since 1954 until the present. As a guest preacher, Dr. Wallace has preached in all 50 states and over 50 countries. His many books and media have been published in many languages and distributed worldwide.


Dr. Douglas Stauffer


“The Tunring Fork” is a unique book offering the reader a truly exceptional perspective of God’s internal biblical proof that supersedes most of the other important arguments concerning the Lord’s promise of supernatural preservation. In a nut shell, The Tuning Fork shows that God gave us a beautiful picture of the completed English Bible within the Bible itself long before many of the 66 books were even penned! This study proves that long ago God wanted to show the world that He had moved beyond the original languages of Hebrew and Greek. The Tuning Fork proves that God chose English as the medium to convey His word in these last days. If you are looking for a book that will strengthen your faith and trust in God’s word, read this book! You will not be disappointed. No one can read The Tuning Fork and believe that man gave us the King James Bible. 

Dr. Stauffer is an internationally recognized authority in the field of Bible history and defense. He holds three Bible degrees including a PhD in Religion. Because of his biblical expertise, Oxford University Press commissioned Dr. Stauffer as a consulting editor. He has served in Pastoral ministry for 10 years and now travels, teaching and preaching at Churches and colleges. He is also a prolific, published author and media spokesman.


Dr. Gail Riplinger


“Looking forward to reading this book and hopefully offering it at avpublications.com. Looks like it’s ‘all Bible’ and it’s great to see the word of God covering the pages top to bottom.”

Dr. Riplinger is an international best selling author. Her first major work, “New Age Bible versions” sold over a quarter million copies.


Rev. Robert Clark MacGregor Sr.

Author’s Father

Bill is the youngest of our six children (one deceased as a child). It has been my joy through the years to see him grow up to become the man of God he is today. Since childhood, he has been my main soulwinning partner, Sunday School Bus bus worker and my “Assistant Pastor”. Since his ordination as a Baptist Preacher, Of which I was a part, he has gone on to great heights in the Lord’s work, not the least of which is the writing of “The Tuning Fork” book. Who am I to say as a biased source, but that I believe that Bill has “struck a note” with this book. It will not only tip the scales in the arena for contending for the Bible and the KJB in particular, but also as a “glorified gospel tract,” I believe that “The Tuning Fork” will be instrumental in winning many souls to Christ, especially those who are engaged in a studious skepticism about matters spiritual and are looking for quality answers. 

In the early `60s, Robert (Bob) served as a deacon at Churchill Heights Baptist Church, Scarborough, Ontario (Now called Morningstar Christian Fellowship) with the late founding pastor Dr. Harry Strachan. He was trained and ordained as a Baptist Preacher, and a Bus Director under Dr. Tom Wallace and began pastoring in 1974 in the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada. Since then he has started and pastored Independent Baptist Churches in Ontario. He currently serves as a soulwinner, evangelist and interim pastor.


Jim Bianchi, Pastor

Bible Baptist Church of Metro Toronto

I have been a King James only believer from the start of my Christian life. I remember sitting down at a kitchen table as a new Christian and comparing the different Bible translations. Today, my library contains many books on the subject, but never have I read a study on the King James translation that shows a Divine pattern; a “fingerprint” if you please, that is so convincing of the Divine preservation, and dare I say “inspiration” of the King James Bible. In this book, Bill MacGregor shares with us the correlation of the 66 books of our Authorized 1611 King James Bible with the 66 chapters of the book of Isaiah. His claim is that each chapter of the book of Isaiah “resonates” uniquely to the corresponding book of the Bible; proving it’s authenticity. This correlation is something precious, and it is lost in the other modern English translations. In defending the King James Bible, The Tuning Fork is nothing less than a ground-breaking Biblical study.

Although he is a Bible college graduate, Bill MacGregor does not profess any superior or esoteric knowledge on this subject. As Bill’s pastor for several years now, I’ve observed his simple desire to serve the Lord in our church in soul winning and being a real help to our church in many other ways. When he told me of some post-graduate study he had done on the book of Isaiah, and this paradigm, I encouraged him to finish the manuscript. I knew this manuscript was needed as I felt that our beloved King James Bible was being overlooked by many fundamentalists and evangelicals alike. I was also eager for him to share this with our church. 

Frankly, I had a healthy skepticism at first, thinking that much of this could be just “coincidence.” However, when Bill made his presentation at our church, I was smitten with conviction. To my knowledge, I have never heard of a thorough study done on this topic. To think that he shared this monumental study for the first time at our little church was quite humbling, to say the least!
I recommend that you invite Bill to make the same presentation to your church. Your faith in the King James Bible will be renewed and challenged. Bill in no way claims this work to be an exhaustive study. This book is no doubt just a start for further discoveries by others between the Isaiah chapters and their corresponding books of the Bible. May those of us who are “King James Only” believers be even more convinced that we hold the very words of God and renew our commitment to share it with a lost and dying world.


Sean Caron

Radio Talk Show Host, 
Awakening Liberty Show on Truth Frequency Radio

The Tuning Fork provides irrefutable evidence that the King James Version is in fact the word of God and that this English translation accurately conveys His message. Divinely guided and well researched, MacGregor lays waste all attempts of the adversary to discredit the KJV and Christianity period! A must read for all believers and those who are seeking truth in these last days. The timing of this discovery is NO coincidence!


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